Why Bumble’s Non-Dating App Might Win

Dating apps are based on the basic principle of bringing together people with similar tastes connecting them to form some sort of relationship. Now, the California mobile app, Bumble wants to take this ‘connection’ a step further and use its technology for users to network.

“Imagine if you could get a foot in the door by meeting people on an app. Welcome to ‘Bumble-bizz.'” Similar to Tinder’s app, Bumble’s new foray allows you to select beneficial business contacts with the swipe of a finger.

In the event that both users coincide in the common interest, both will have a period of 24-hours to connect and start a conversation about their business. If the 24-hours expires, the connection is lost. This means that both parties need to be engaged in order to make this work. To increase their success rate, users will be able to differentiate the personality of their profiles.

While the app has been out for a while, Bumble is constantly rolling out new features and functions beyond the dating world.

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