4 Ideas for Men Looking to Meet Women Online (or IRL)

If you have a smartphone and have a Facebook, and are looking for (quick) love, the Tinder app (on iOS or Android) is the place you want to be.

However, this application is specifically channeled toward a certain – “let’s get laid tonight!” mentality. If you’re looking for true love, this might not be the best play.

As a reminder for newcomers, Tinder is an application of geolocated encounters, on which you are offered profiles with the photo of the girl, her first name and age, and possibly description. You can “approve” or “deny” her at first glance. So it’s a crazy ton of profiles that you can explore in a fraction of a second.

Once you’re “matched” with the girl, it’s good but we must message to her. At this point, many men are wondering how to approach Tinder, which is why I wrote this article for you.

Without further wait, here are the 4 best catch phrases to seduce Tinder successfully 🙂

1.) Call her by her first name message

One approach that girls are not used to is that of the first name. Why do you think that is?

Nothing could be simpler, you have her first name followed by an exclamation point: “Jamie!”

This extremely simple approach and statistically has a very good response rate, as it stands out of the ordinary for women who get the same basic messages from men.

After that, you just have to increase, either by continuing on the indirect path “What are you crazy about in life? “Or by being direct – “Tinder says you’re only 2 miles away from me … What are you doing tonight?”

On Tinder, test everything to see what works, failure does not matter!

2.) Mention a  detail on her photo?

Another approach is to point out a detail on one of the girl’s pics.

Maybe she has a crazy shoes, or rad lipstick, or a cute hat that looks a bit quirky and hot at the same time. The more obtuse you can be the better. Remember it’s all about standing out in a sea of basic messages.

It can also be a pet, indeed you will see a lot of girls taking pictures with their cat or their dog.

At that point you just have to make your creativity work out of the moment: “He looks cool your cat, what’s the rascal’s name?”

3.) Common interests

Tinder also displays the pages you have liked in common on Facebook. So, if the page comes out of the ordinary (a hobbie, a cause that is close to your heart, an artist, an original film …), take advantage to bounce directly on it. This can quickly create a commonality and will allow you to quickly get her phone number.

“Hey X (always put the first name), I saw that you liked Star Wars (geeky!) so I felt obliged to send you a message! ”

A catch of this type allows the girl to bounce back on this precise subject to feed the conversation. As for you, it allows you to expand on something else of the same theme: “This film makes me think of X”

Be quick, there are a lot of people on Tinder and a lot of men who are there to “pounce”, so do not waste your time. Boring discussions of weather or “what’s up?” are quick fails.

4.) The most direct: “Yo, what are you doing tonight? “

Some women don’t want to waste their time with guy they will never see again for the most part. For this, I advise to adopt a very direct method: “Yo X, what are you doing tonight? (Or another derivative of this). Depending on his answer you suggest “We’re headed to a bar The Library at 9pm, last one there buys drinks!”

Get her number before or after the proposal and confirm over SMS.

Here are my best 4 catch phrases to test on Tinder.