6 Tips for Online Dating in 2017

For some people, online dating might be a bit of a taboo, but for others it’s evolving into a daily routine for singles worldwide. The truth is that 80% of the population knows someone who is actively online dating and 60% know more than one person.

#1.)  Intentions

With much of the population using the internet to find love and with the almost equitable balance between the amount of men and women it could be said that it is a balanced sea in terms of male/female ratio. However, just as in the real world, in the virtual world people also omit details, lie or have different intentions. Most women are looking for something serious, while men are looking for someone to hang out with (of course this does not apply at all). Men tend to lie more than women in their profiles – they lie about what kind of relationship they seek by writing sweet things to generate more interest, however men fear to meet a woman who compromises them and limit their free time, while women fear actual dangers.

#2.)  Finding the right apps and websites

With a plethora of apps and sites to choose from, you can no doubt find what you’re looking for – singles, gay, farmers, religious views, ages, etc. If I were to offer a tip in this department it would be know what you’re looking for and to find an app or site that caters heavily to that group. Another way of going about it is to use sites such as Match.com and eHarmony, if only because they have a large user base and chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for.

#3.)  Numbers and statistics

In today’s world, 1 in 5 relationships start online. 50% of users are in a relationship, 20% are single, 10% are married. The average age in this world is between 18 – 34 years old, with 52% men and 48% women. The numbers lead us to conclude that most people use this medium to explore new possibilities outside their everyday environment.

#4.)  Precautions

In the virtual world as in real life criminals are everywhere and are sometimes difficult to spot. It’s important as always, to be aware that dangers could lurk, even on dating websites and apps.

#5.)  Is it possible to find love online? 

Amazingly, statistics show that the chances of finding love online are in your favor, especially when you consider the alternative which is to find people in real life. You can only go to so many parties and/or bars to find the soulmate you’re looking for. By using the internet as a tool you’ll be able to search, message, and analyze hundreds of users in a mere matter of a few hours.

#6.)  Choose the appropriate application or page:

The intentions of the people who use this online dating are diverse, so before choosing the place it should be clear that you are looking for, someone to talk to, someone to spend the night with or a serious relationship.

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